Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catching up on 2008 ... continued

April ~ May 2008 "OUR ROAD TRIP"
We went to Moab, Utah for the 16th Annual April Action Car Show. We go to enjoy the show and spend time with our friends, the Martins and Stams. The Martins have "classic" cars and display them at the show. It is fun to sit with them at the show and visit between our strolls throughout the park. The show is held at a big park and the cars are fun to look at. At night the cars go up and down main street and that is also fun to see. It was fun to have Rusty with us on this portion of our road trip.
Rusty, Jen, Glenda & Bob

Linda Martin & her grandsons
Rusty Glenda
After a few days in Moab we left for Kingman, Arizona. We just spent the night there and then ventured on to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. On our way we did some Geo caching ~ quite fun!! The desert flowers were beautiful. Yes we went out on the "Glass Bridge". No we weren't scared and the view was amazing.

Mexican Hat, UT ~ ~ ~ Desert Flowers

Finding the cache by the barrel cactus.

West Rim of the Grand Canyon on the Glass Bridge.

Then onward to Las Vegas. Enroute we stopped at the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. The Dam is such a powerful structure. Years ago we took Craig and Rusty on a tour through the Dam. There is new construction going on and no tours were available this trip.

The Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

We arrived in Las Vegas and stayed at the Excalibur for two nights. We had an awesome view of the strip. Nothing like Vegas....all the glitz and glamour. Craig, Heather, Madi, Harley and Miss Olivia arrived the next day. Grandma watched a movie with the girls while Bob, Craig and Heather went and played. We had a great time!!
Harley & Olivia
Daddy (Craig) and Livi bear

Madi & Mom (Heather)
Har Har & Grandma
Bob and Craig
We left Las Vegas in the morning for DISNEYLAND!!!! We arrived in Anaheim. What a great experience ~ Harley danced with her dance group "HIP" in Disneyland. We are so proud of you Har Har. Great Aunt Sandy and cousin Emilie came to see her perform and then we had dinner together. Sandy was in dance for years and she was impressed with Harley's perfomance too. She did a great job!

Harley you amaze us with your talent!!!!

Catching up on 2008

I started our blog in August and have procrastinated about it ever since. I am the Queen of unfinished projects ~ just ask my friend Linnea!

To catch up on 2008 ~ I thought it would be best to share a few highlights of the main events and pictures of each of those that happened. Now keep in mind that it will take me a few times on the computer to input everything so the order may get messed up.....not sure how to fix it either. I will just label each event as I do them.....you'll get the picture.
February 2008 ~ Yellowstone Trip
Bob and Glenda traveled to Yellowstone over President's Day. We went on a guided snowcoach excursion. What a blast! We saw animals galore and Old Faithful erupting. The snow was everywhere - tons of it. While eating at the Three Bear Restaurant the hotel connected to it caught on fire. We were evacuated and hadn't even taken one bite! It was a fun winter getaway.

Easter 2008
Bob and Craig
Yes ~ that is our Heather!!
She is better than most the guys.
Heather & Glenda
We went to the Sand Dunes ~ Craig and Heather & the girls took their brand new toy hauler. We stayed in their trailer and I was sold!!! When we came home I went and purchased a travel trailer that same week. We had a great time riding our 4 wheelers and being with the kids. Isn't it amazing that the Easter Bunny can find you no matter where you are?
"Our Granddaughters"
The Easter Bunny was good to them!!
We went to the Dunes again to ride our 4 Wheelers ~
This time with our beautiful new trailer ~ it is awesome!
Grandma & Madi building sand sculptures.

Miss Olivia & Mom (Heather)
Our 4 beautiful girls.

Our trailers and campsite.

There is nothing in this world we would rather do than to spend time with our children and granddaughters. Going camping together could only be improved if we could do it permanently and have Rusty come along! When we get to whichever destination it may be we always have a good time and enjoy one another's company. Having a travel trailer has made these journeys just that much more enjoyable! To Craig, Heather, Madi, Har-Har and Miss Olivia ~ thank you so much, we love you to pieces!!
Grandpa and the girls!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lava Hot Springs

They loved swinging on the swing with Grandpa and Grandma pushing them over and over again. We had so much fun with them.



Grandma Glenda ~ yes no makeup, hair is crazy but remember we are camping!!

Craig and Payton
Payton is their new boxer puppy!
Heather and Payton
Rusty just relaxing!
Craig ~ Rusty ~ Dad (Bob)

~The Hasleton Family~
Craig & Heather and Olivia in one raft with Uncle Rusty, Madi & Harley in the other

The Hasleton's ~ Tom, Heidi,
Brooklyn, Tommy & Zac
Craig and Rusty playing in the river.
Bob relaxing in the river.
The scars from playing in the river.
Miss Olivia and Brookie ~ BFF (Best Friends Forever)
What a wonderful adventure! We left for Lava Hot Springs on Saturday morning 8/9/08 for a family trip. Bob & Glenda, Craig & Heather and the girls, Madi, Har-Har and Miss Olivia and Rusty were all able to go. It is the first "family trip" where everyone was able to go since the boys have been grown. We felt very fortunate to be able to spend time with everyone. We took our new trailer and Craig & Heather took their "Toy Hauler" (trailer) for a camping trip that was so much fun. Saturday afternoon we went on tubes down the river. The hardest part was getting down the dirt path to the river. Thanks to Rusty for helping me! Your mind never realizes how old your body is. Not as agile as I used to be but still want to do the stuff that the kids do. Bob drove our truck up to the top of the river and dropped us off and then Glenda did the same so Bob could go down the river too. It was fun to watch the boys play in the river. We parked in spots A & B for the first night. Our dinner menu (thanks to Heather and the girls) was delicious! We had scones w/meat, chili, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream on them for dinner with dutch oven peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert. Thanks for the dessert Grandpa. We played poker with Craig's awesome poker chip set. It is so authentic. Glenda was the winner hands down! Saturday night the Hasleton Family (Tom, Heidi, Brooklyn, Tommy & Zac) all arrived safe and sound about 10 p.m.. Then everyone went to bed. 8/10/08 Everyone slept well, even the dogs (Kiki and Payton). We changed our campspots so that all of us could be together. We went to the Chuckwagon for breakfast. Glenda took Payton for a walk or should we say Payton took Grandma Glenda for a walk. We went to the pools and the boys Craig, Rusty and Tom and the girls ~Madi and Harley went off the platforms. They are just too scary!!!! Fun to watch them though. Miss Olivia and Brooklyn kept going off the diving boards. Tommy went off the diving board in his life jacket until the lifeguard said that he couldn't.~ They are fearless! The kids and grandkids all enjoyed the slides as Grandpa and Grandma just relaxed. Zac took a long nap on Grandma's towel with his "mimi" (blanket). We had a good time together. Rusty had to leave about 1 p.m. (he drove my Camry) because he was scheduled to work the next day. It was sad to see him go. Bob and Glenda went to the hotpools to soak. The rest of the group went with us but decided that they would go back to the camp due to the rain. They got caught in the rainstorm but made it back to camp before the hail came down. The hail hurt as we were in the hotpools and we had to seek cover. It was relaxing and fun to be with Bob.
We went back to camp so Grandpa could make his famous homemade ice cream (chocolate chip) for dessert. It is so fun to see Craig sneak into our trailer for bowl after bowl. It is his favorite! I know that is why Bob makes it. We had delicious barbequed chicken, baked potatoes and pasta salad (Madi's favorite) for dinner. Then Bob and Glenda headed back to the hotpools as the kids made a wonderful campfire (thanks to Craig & Tom's wood gathering) and had s'mores. We stayed up talking around the campfire for hours.
8/11/08 Monday
What a great surprise to wake up and hear Rusty's voice! I thought I was dreaming. Nice when a dream is a reality. Rusty found out after he got home that he had the day off, so he left home at about 6 a.m. to come back up. I took Payton (Boxer) for a walk. The kids, Madi, Harley, Miss Olivia, Brooke and Tommy came over to Grandma's trailer to play Candyland and have hot chocolate. Got some Werthers candy (Har-Har's favorite). She loves to go into Grandpa & Grandma's trailer and get one now and then. Love to see that "grin" when she does. Madi and Grandma had fun playing Mancala together. We rented tubes again and went down the river over and over. The kids laughed their heads off when Grandma Glenda got caught in the rapids. Thanks to Bob ~ he rescued me. We enjoyed each other so much. Rusty had to leave about 3:30 p.m. and Glenda went to have a much deserved massage......yes! I walked back to camp then took Kiki (Yorkie) for a walk and then Payton again. The kids played for hours on the swing. Grandpa pushed them over and over and they really had a blast! We had brochettes and salad (great one Heidi) for dinner with a delicious caramel bar dessert that Heather made ~ so yummy, she is quite the cook! We reminisced around the campfire about the younger years of the boys. It brought back good memories and some tender ones.
8/12/08 Tuesday ~
Got up early and took Payton for her walk. Took her for a long walk today.
The kids all came over to our trailer to visit Grandma. They are delightful! My favorite part of camping or going to the sand dunes is when the girls come over to see Grandma at her trailer and we play games or watch a movie or just sit and talk. They are wonderful!!! This trip we had the extra grandkids ~ what a fun treat that was! (Brooklyn, Tommy and Zac) We went swimming at the pools and Madi & Harley went on the rock climbing wall that is situated on the inside pool. We played basketball in the pool and Craig is still as good as ever, quite the natural athlete. We packed up camp and headed home about 4 p.m.. We stopped in Brigham City for dinner. Our thanks to Craig & Heather, Madi, Harley, Miss Olivia, Kiki and Payton ~ Rusty ~ Tom & Heidi, Brooklyn, Tommy and Zac for making this vacation such a wonderful memory for Grandpa Bob and Grandma Glenda. We love each one of you so much!!!